January 8, 2020

Augmenta Agriculture Wins The Ag-tech Awards Prize At AGRITECHNICA, Hanover.

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Augmenta Agriculture Wins The Ag-tech Awards Prize At AGRITECHNICA, Hanover.

Augmenta, the company behind the world's first commercially available fully autonomous and real-time AI-driven variable rate application of farm inputs, proudly announces that it was awarded 1st place in Agritechnica's prestigious Ag-tech Awards prize for 2019. This overwhelming interest is set to boost an already ever-growing demand for Augmenta's revolutionary precision agriculture system.

Augmenta uses a multispectral camera array and an output control unit which can be retrofitted to existing tractors, sprayers or spreaders via 'Plug 'n Play ISOBUS or similar protocols. Instantaneous image processing and AI allows the system to analyze every inch of a field to determine the precise amount of input – fertilizer, for example – required by the crop.

This is then applied in real-time as the farmer simply drives across the fields. The need for expensive and time-consuming on-sight or aerial field analytics is eliminated, while waste is reduced, and significant cost savings and higher-quality yields can be achieved.

Agritechnica is an internationally renowned trade fair and a showcase for agricultural innovations. Held annually in Hanover, Germany, it attracts some 3,000 exhibitors and nearly half a million visitors.

“To be recognized at such an event is an amazing honor,” said George Varvarelis, Co-founder and CEO.
“Agritechnica offered the ideal opportunity for us to explain the simplicity of our system to farmers who are looking for better and more efficient alternatives,” he continued.
“We have been able to make a farming operation like fertilization 100% autonomous for the very first time,” he explained.
“And judging from the enthusiastic response we got, we obviously have an agricultural game-changer on our hands."
Agritechnica Booth 2019

Farming operations in 9 countries on 3 continents around the world are already using Augmenta’s product in their cereal farming operations to apply nitrogen fertilizers.

However, the flexibility of the system allows for so much more. Additional crop operations such as pesticide and fungicide spraying, in addition to highly specialized operations required on vineyards and tomato farms are already in the R&D pipeline. These additional functionalities will soon be delivered via software upgrades, and not require the cost of any additional hardware.

“The demand for intelligent agricultural solutions was evident at Agritechnica,” said Dimitri Evangelopoulos, COO and fellow Co-founder of Augmenta. “Also evident was that many farmers feel that precision agriculture has failed to live up to its expectations because of the costs and complexities involved.”

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