May 4, 2020

Augmenta and Coronavirus

Business as Usual

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Augmenta and Coronavirus

Like so many businesses, Augmenta's visits around the world were forestalled by the coronavirus in mid-March 2020.

Although face-to-face meetings with farmers, agronomists and distributors were suddenly rendered impossible, we barely missed a beat and have continued doing what we normally do.

Food production is an essential service and our role in making it a more efficient and cost-effective one has gone on unabated. All Augmenta Field Analyzers deployed around the world are connected via the 4G mobile network. This means that functionality has not been compromised whatsoever and farmers have continued to enjoy the benefits made possible by intelligent Variable Rate fertilizer operations.

The internet has allowed us to keep in close contact with our clients and partners, wherever they may be. Any issues or questions have been resolved in a timely manner and we proudly maintain the high level of customer service we have become renowned for.

The fact that our staff has been confined at home under a mandatory lockdown has caused no adverse effects either. Connectivity made possible by the internet has allowed work to continue as normal. Even Research and Development projects have not been unduly disrupted. Credit goes to all our members of staff whose dedication and professionalism have once again been proven.

Now that lockdowns around the world begin to ease, Augmenta is poised to resume its global travels.

“There is nothing like seeing old friends and making new ones,” explained Dimitri Evangelopoulos, General Manager and Augmenta Co-founder.
“And after such a lengthy disruption, I can't wait to get on a plane and get back out there!”

So, we look forward to re-establishing those face-to-face meetings and personal contacts as soon as possible. Meanwhile, your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

- The Augmenta Team

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