September 22, 2020

Augmenta Distributor's Field Day

7th September - 9th September 2020

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Augmenta Distributor's Field Day

Augmenta is proud to have hosted its inaugural Distributor's Field Day in September this year.

The initiative is an important part of its Distributor Partners Program designed to support those hoping to represent Augmenta in countries the world over.

The event showcased the revolutionary Augmenta Field Analyzer (AFA). Mounted on any ordinary tractor, it scans the fields ahead to create its own on-going vegetative index of crop health. A powerful onboard computer accounts for growth variability and determines the amount of fertilizer required to ensure an optimum yield. An actuated spreader/sprayer then applies appropriate amounts of fertilizer as the farmer drives along.

The AFA eliminates the imprecision of traditional application methods. Unlike drone or satellite analytics, no additional logistics are involved. Instead, it offers an unbeatable combination of hassle-free automation and on-the-ground real-time application all done in a single pass. As proven by those around the world already using AFAs, this substantially improves efficiency by reducing inputs and waste, while bolstering productivity and earnings.

Eager to learn more, the Distributor's Field Day was attended by a specially selected group of experienced farm machinery distributors and sales experts from countries as diverse as France, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Spain, and Ukraine. Proceedings were kicked-off with an extensive tour of Augmenta's offices and R&D laboratory in Athens, Greece. This was followed by a three-day initialization and training program centered around Augmenta's testing and pilot field facility at Perivlepto in the rural heartland of Thessaly.

Attendees were shown how the AFA interfaces with ISOBUS tractors and variable rate spreaders/sprayers or can be retrofitted to older equipment with relative ease. They were also treated to a hands-on demonstration of AFA controlled variable rate liquid and pellet fertilizer applications.

The AFA is not a stand-alone device but part of a fully integrated system. All data collected is automatically uploaded to the Augmenta web platform via 3G/4G. Participants were shown how this allows access to a wealth of information including field analytics, return on investment reports, automatic snapshots of problematic field areas, and other farm management tools. The system also uses sophisticated machine-learning techniques to improve itself with use.        

Augmenta's AFA is the world's first fully autonomous real-time variable-rate fertilizer application system. The company intends to use this remarkable technological innovation to do so much more.

Those in attendance were offered an exclusive sneak peek into many soon-to-be-released AFA controlled farming operations. These include variable-rate PGR, cotton defoliant, and pre-season selective herbicide spraying. All this extra functionality will be available over-the-air by 3G/4G download and not require additional hardware.

Members of Augmenta's dedicated team, including Co-founders, CTO, Senior Agronomist, Sales and Operations Specialist, were on hand to lend support and answer any questions. Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the event for the efforts made and the sense of fun it encapsulated.

Following this tremendous success, additional Distributor Field Days are planned in the near future - click here to express your interest in participating in one of our upcoming events.

If you want to learn more about the AFA and its amazing capabilities, please feel free to continue to browse our website or click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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