November 23, 2020

Augmenta Teams Up With Hankkija Oy of Finland

November 2020

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Augmenta Teams Up With Hankkija Oy of Finland

The continual success of Augmenta's Global Distributor Partners Program was further ratified this month by a partnership deal with Finland's biggest agribusiness company, Hankkija Oy.

The agreement will introduce the Augmenta Field Analyzer (AFA) – a revolutionary fully autonomous real-time variable-rate fertilizer application system – to Finnish farmers for the very first time.Hankkija Oy ( works closely with its local farmers to supply various inputs (fertilizer, grain, feed), along with machinery (brands such as Claas, Krone, and Väderstad) and a wide diversity of other farming products. It also runs over 60 retail outlets for both the professional farmer and consumer market and has a significant web-shop presence selling high-quality agri-orientated brands.

These operations culminated in a turnover of €798m in 2019. With over 1,000 employees, it enjoys market dominance and has the capacity to develop products and services that meet the exacting standards of its customer base.

“We are enormously excited to partner with Hankkija,” said George Varvarelis, Augmenta's Founder & CEO. “Their local knowledge and reach is simply unparalleled. It puts Augmenta in advantageous position in the Finnish market at a single stroke.”

Finland's short growing seasons, heavy winters, and diverse soil quality create challenging circumstances for its local farmers. Additionally, as much of the country is forested, farm holdings tend to be segregated and small.

“These are actually ideal conditions for AFA operation,” explained Dimitri (Jim) Evangelopoulos, Founder & Augmenta’s General Manager. “Because it controls fertilizer application according to actual crop need, it can maximize yield, however tough the circumstances. Moreover, it is affordable enough for the individual farmer to take advantage of the integral analytics and farm management tools it offers.”

“We believe that Augmenta's AFA is the perfect fit,” said Olli Korhonen, Hankkija's Product Line Manager.

“Our recent focus has been on tech-based agriculture and the advantages it can bring to Finnish farmers. Certainly, there is a keen interest in how technology can improve their processes and yields. So, I can’t wait to see the AFA performing and proving value for our customers - I have every confidence that they’ll soon be reaping the benefits of Augmenta's amazing new device.”

The deal is one of many recently undertaken by Augmenta to expand its global distributor and sales network. If you are interested in becoming part of the excitement, then click here to fill in a simple form.

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