January 22, 2021

Augmenta Teams Up With TractorGPS of Greece

January 2021

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Augmenta Teams Up With TractorGPS of Greece

Augmenta is delighted to announce a partnership with Greek agri-tech firm Tractorgps as part of its Global Distributor Partners Program.

The deal will make the Augmenta System – a revolutionary fully autonomous real-time VR (Variable Rate) application platform – commercially available to Greek farmers for the very first time.TractorGPS (www.tractorgps.gr) is a leading hi-tech agriculture specialist.

“Our aim is to introduce farmers to smart solutions to solve agricultural problems,” said Aristodimos Zamidis, the CEO at Tractorgps. “The Augmenta System fits the bill perfectly, as our field tests clearly show. Based on highly advanced technology, it allows the intelligent application of inputs in real-time and in one-pass, thereby replacing guesswork with unprecedented efficiency.”

Augmenta, whose own roots are also Greek, has a growing sales and distributor presence all around the world, including in countries as diverse as Russia and North America, Brazil, and Australia. However, it has never made a distribution deal in Greece before. “We are very excited to partner with Tractorgps,” said Dimitri Evangelopoulos, Augmenta's General Manager. “They have extensive local knowledge, with a full understanding of hi-tech underpinned by a progressive mindset.”

The Augmenta System controls real-time VR inputs such as nitrogen, foliar fertilizer, and harvest-aid defoliant applications. Augmenta has also recently introduced a PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) application service particularly suitable for cotton producers looking to suppress excessive vegetative growth and promote maturity.

Greece enjoys lengthy growing seasons and largely predictable weather, with cotton being a staple in many areas. However, in the absence of large companies and consortiums, farm holdings tend to be segregated and small.

“Because the Augmenta System is so affordable, this is not an issue. Our pay-as-you-go services are as relevant and accessible to the smaller holder as they are to the largest operators,” explained Evangelopoulos.

Augmenta's global distributor and sales network is still growing. Become part of the excitement by clicking here to fill in a simple form.

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