September 2, 2019

Augmenta: The Year in Review

mid-2018 to mid-2019

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Augmenta: The Year in Review

It certainly was an exciting first year for Augmenta. Despite the challenges, we successfully managed to push back the barriers of convention to make Augmented Agriculture a reality. The journey has taken us from a pre-seed start-up to a company with a growing international presence.

The highlights:
  • Augmenta secures pre-seed funding from Marathon Venture Capital.
  • The first AFA (Augmenta Field Analyzer) market-ready devices are built and deployed.
  • Early adopters around the world use AFAs to scan for crop health and/or fertilize more than 10,000 hectares with excellent results.
  • Software updates incorporating the feedback from our early adopters are released.
  • Augmenta hires more staff to meet growing demand.
  • Augmenta poised to increase AFA production and fulfill growing product orders.

Augmenta continued its rapid evolution as a company with the funding it secured from Marathon Venture Capital in July 2018. It allowed us to produce the first 20 market-ready AFA's (Augmenta Field Analyzers) based on two full years of research and field testing using prototypes. T

he plan was to have the devices operate in environments and circumstances which varied as widely as possible. Excited by the potential of Augmented Agriculture, machinery distributors, service providers, individual farmers, and cooperatives from as many as 10 different countries wanted to become involved.

With an Augmenta representative on hand in case, there were any problems, it wasn't long before these early adopters had their AFA's up and running. Over 5,000 hectares were analyzed within a few months. T

he AFA's were used to monitor and assess the health of raw crops and/or to apply fertilizer. It is standard practice for many of our early adopters to literally work day and night and our team was always there to support them. In one instance, a large farming operation used their AFA's to apply fertilizer on a continual 24-hour basis.

By refueling their tractors in the field and changing drivers in shifts, they did this for a total of 15 tireless days and nights. Back then, nothing was automated in terms of device operation or data uploading.

So, our software engineers had to send background commands on the fly as they monitored the systems remotely from our Augmenta offices in Greece. We are proud to say that their 15 all-day and all-night vigils got the job done and the client was entirely satisfied with the results. Needless to say, our engineers used the extraordinary experience to further develop, automate and improve the system.

We soon found that the benefits of these early experiences are invaluable. By working closely with farmers and listening to their feedback on functionality and their user experience, we have been able to iron out any problems and further refine our systems.

It has also allowed us to have a better understanding of the needs of specific regions, their agricultural practices, and particular circumstances so as best to apply the services we offer. None of this would have been possible without the friendly and constructive help of our early adopters, not to mention their ability to share our vision.

Credit should also go to the amazing dedication shown by individual members of the Augmenta team. We are a growing family of young and dynamic talent whose mission it is to improve farming practices by using cutting edge technology. Ever-willing to meet challenges head-on, the team has overcome a host of difficulties to turn this dream into reality.

Our latest software update not only makes the system far more robust than it ever was, but it adds new features for the user as well. We have re-equipped our R&D laboratory and device assembly facilities. Additionally, we are engaged in exciting new commercial deals to fill large orders which have started to come in. The year has certainly seen Augmenta establish itself as a growing force in Agriculture. More to be announced soon...

Augmenta Fun Facts:
  • We have AFA's operating in Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Australia.
  • We have gone from a staff of seven to seventeen in the last six months, not counting ancillary staff and contractors.
  • To service our clients, Augmenta personnel clocked up 20,000 flyer miles in September last year alone.
  • The company mascot is 'Blu', a dearly loved pit bull terrier who resides on the company premises.

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