July 22, 2020

Distributor Enlistment Program

Your chance to become an authorized Augmenta Distributor!

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Distributor Enlistment Program

Augmenta is currently building a network of distribution partners in Europe and around the world under its Distributor Enlistment Program. As such, we are seeking enthusiastic and talented people who have close ties with their local farming communities.

Click here to express your interest.

Who we are?

We are the inventors of a revolutionary real-time and fully automatic Variable Rate system for the application of farm inputs. Marketed as the A.F.A. (Augmenta Field Analyzer), it retrofits on existing farm machinery and totally eliminates the need for indiscriminate blanket coverage.

Farmers using the A.F.A. system for fertilizer application in 11 countries around the world are already enjoying the benefits of lower input costs, higher efficiency and operations which are far kinder to the environment than traditional practices.

A typical farmer can expect a yield increase up to 15%, a reduction in chemical inputs by up to 20%, and an increase in yield quality by as much as 15% (data is representative and based on the average savings of our customers). This all adds up to a considerably improved bottom line.

A.F.A. operations are intuitive and touch-screen user-friendly. Moreover, the system is supported by a web platform for analytics and farm management. 4G connectivity allows automatic software updates and AI technology ensures dynamic optimal performance.

What’s more, the A.F.A. is inherently powerful by design. This means that a host of different fully-automated farming operations such as weed selective spraying, plant counting, VRA fungicide spraying and so on are all exciting future possibilities.

What can you expect from us?

We are proposing a partnership in every sense of the word, so you can expect our full support in matters such as:

  • Technical and commercial training
  • Marketing collateral and supporting technical literature, user guides, web material, competitor analysis information and distributor packs
  • Full training and research
  • Comprehensive technical and sales support
  • Joint visits with agreed key customers
  • Quarterly product, competition, and market updates.
Who are we looking for?

We are seriously committed to supporting our ever-growing farmer client base. Because we do not want our global expansion to compromise this commitment, we are actively seeking Distributors who appreciate our core values of dedication, trust, and client engagement.

Ideally, Augmenta Distributors should have:

  • excellent rapport with local farmers
  • relevant local contacts
  • extensive local market knowledge
  • in-depth technical expertise
  • pre-existing local delivery experience
  • true commitment to service excellence

If this describes you well, we certainly want to hear from you!

Simply click here to fill out an application.

Please note that partnerships are regional and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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