February 17, 2021

Distributors & Clients Support The Augmenta System

Distributors proudly promoting the Augmenta System to their customers.

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Distributors & Clients Support The Augmenta System

Distributors and many in Augmenta's ever-growing Partners Network are enthusiastically posting their own photos and videos about the Augmenta System. This helps build the brand and consolidates support in the regions where Augmenta already has a presence.

From Turkey to the Ukraine, the practice of sharing photos and creating video content about the Augmenta System is rapidly becoming a widespread trend. Because video commentary is in the language of respective countries, not only does this bolster local community solidarity, but it also helps engage the interest of other farmers in each region.

“Having the Augmenta System means doing something about efficiency and sustainability,” commented one Partner in Lithuania.
“It's something exciting enough for us to want to tell others.”

Hegvita - Lithuania


Indeed, news of the Augmenta System has spread far and wide, in spite of the continual coronavirus restrictions universally enforced around the world.

“In addition to the amazing efforts made by our Partners and Distributors during such difficult times, we see a lot of interest being generated by individual members of the Augmenta Partners Network itself,” said Dimitri Evangelopoulos, Augmenta's Co-founder and General Manager.

“It's very gratifying to know that those associated with the System can see so much value in it.”The shared photos depict a range of experiences; everything from the excitement of unpacking a recently delivered System to actual VR operations in the field. Video content also varies greatly.

For instance, Augmenta Distributor Hankkija Oy of Finland has prepared a full webinar-like instructional video.

Hankkija - Finland


At the same time, Agrotema of the Ukraine has posted informal material covering the simplicity of retrofit installation.

Agrotema - Ukraine


Irrespective of content and style, it all helps spread the word that there is finally a single, easy-to-use product available which can offer a range of fully autonomous, real-time variable-rate application services such as N-fertilization and PGR. Mounted on the cabin roof of any ordinary tractor, the Augmenta System works by scanning fields ahead to determine crop health and create its own prescription map.

Everything happens in real-time and during a single pass.

“The technology is truly amazing, but at the end of the day it's people who really count”, explained Dimitri.
“The time and trouble many go to in their support of the System is quite humbling. The Augmenta Team and I can only thank them for it.”

Learn more about the revolutionary Augmenta System and how it is redefining precision agriculture by continuing to browse our website. If you are interested in joining the Augmenta Partners Network yourself, click here.

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