October 25, 2022

More detailed maps and automatic session process

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More detailed maps and automatic session process

We are happy to share that we have added two new cool features that will improve even more the way you review and analyze your field.

More detailed view through the Dynamic Index maps 

One of our most requested features is now released: the Dynamic Index maps! Instead of using a fixed color palette, the new dynamic color palette adapts the pixel colors to each individual session’s high and low values to make Augmenta’s perceived infield variation more visible to the user.

Thus, our users can now view dynamic AUG_Index maps in the portal, download respective maps and reports, and review in detail the data gathered.

Register your field once and be done, with auto-processing!

We’ve also upgraded the Auto-process service, so that the farmers have full access and process easier all the sessions carried out in a field. Once the user registers all their fields by uploading the respective shp files, all they have to do is to simply enable/disable auto-process service for their analyzer with a checkbox in the Management -> Analyzer tab.

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