August 30, 2021

New NPK Service for Augmenta Retrofit Users!

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New NPK Service for Augmenta Retrofit Users!

At Augmenta, we like to add value for our clients in any way we can. That's why we are now offering a NPK (Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium) service for farmers who have actuated their pre-existing spreader to do VRA (Variable Rate Application) with an Augmenta Retrofit Kit.

Applying NPK is an important pre-seeding treatment in order to ensure good crop yields. The lack of vegetation, however, means that a prescription map based on plant health and need can't be generated. This, in turn, makes the idea of pre-seeding NPK VRA impossible, unless you happen to own an expensive hi-end spreader with a rate controller which can import NPK prescription maps. Invariably, most farmers rely on wasteful fixed rate NPK applications instead.

Happily, there is no longer any need.

Akin to turning an ordinary family sedan into a sleek sports car, the Augmenta Retrofit Kit can turn almost any simple spreader into a mean, lean VRA-enabled machine. Combine this with the versatility of the Augmenta System, and you suddenly have a practical way of applying pre-seeding NPK VRA without the horrifying expense of specialized equipment.

Irrespective of how you get your pre-season productivity zone data (be it from soil conductivity maps, aerial (satellite/drone) maps, or last season's yield maps etc.), just so long as the NPK prescription map comes as an RX or shapefile, the Augmenta System can handle it.

In line with our ease-of-use philosophy, it’s as simple as A-B-C to implement. First, upload the RX or shapefile NPK prescription map (from whatever source) to the Augmenta Web Portal and match it to a specific field on your farm. A list of all uploaded files will automatically be seen on the in-cab Augmenta Tablet next time you get into the tractor. Just select NPK mode and download the relevant file. Then, it's simply a matter of tapping 'Start' and driving in the fields - the Augmenta System automatically does all the rest.

Importantly, this means that farmers using the Augmenta Retrofit Kit can now double-save on their operations. They will not only have all the advantages Augmenta System users normally enjoy in terms of reduced in-season inputs and input costs, better field uniformity and yields, but they will also save on pre-seeding NPK inputs and the associated input cost.

This new NPK service really does offer you the best of both worlds – not to mention being far better for 'our world' as it further promotes sustainability. But as farmers the world over are already learning to their benefit, that’s precisely what the Augmented Farming revolution is all about.

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