July 19, 2022

New Software Updates Release

We are very excited to have made various major improvements to your Augmenta field analyzer system! All of these upgrades will be in place after updating to the firmware version 3.1, paired with the tablet application version 3.3!

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New Software Updates Release

Interfacing options 

Augmenta now supports even more sprayers!

Prior to this release CNHi Patriots equipped with Pro700 and CRx displays had to be Aim Command Flex (ISOBUS) machines to be compatible with the Augmenta system. With this new software release, Augmenta is now compatible with Patriots running both Aim Command and Aim Command Pro with the CNHi Pro700, Crx, and Raven displays. We are very excited about this development and think our dealers will be too as this new integration opens a vast number of potential clients to the Augmenta system. To further sweeten the deal, there are no hardware changes needed for the Augmenta system to become Aim Command and Aim Command Pro compatible, all that is needed is an automatic firmware update.

Multiple ISOBUS equipment profiles.

Now, the Augmenta system can store unlimited ISOBUS profiles making switching implements as easy as 3 button taps on the tablet! This is a huge time saver for customers with tractors using multiple implements (sprayers, side dressers, and spreaders) and those with self-propelled machines switching working widths to go from the sprayer to Y drops.  

Auto-detection for ISOXML.

Before this update, exporting ISOXML files from some common ISOBUS displays could be challenging. With Augmenta’s new ISOXML auto-detection feature, the installer is no longer required to export an ISOXML, streamlining the installation process!

Fix rate oscillations in multi-rate Amazone spreaders (System)

Even more accurate applications are provided by fixing compatibility through the latest firmware for multi-rate Amazone spreaders.

VRA upgrades

Glare detection now improved 

Due to the architecture of some plants, glares can be an issue for remote sensing technology. Our new firmware release helps identify and eliminate glares, providing an even more accurate plant health and biomass reading! This is a huge advancement, especially for highly reflective plants, like late-stage corn.

Improvements in shadow detection

Shadows can usually be a source of the noise. Augmenta field analyzer now detects and removes shadows caused by various factors (trees, clouds, crops, tractors, etc) from all of its plant health readings. This makes an even more accurate assessment of your crop’s VRA needs. 

Adjustable lower limits for spreaders

With this update, spreaders now gain the ability to adjust their lower application limit on the Augmenta tablet for ●Live VRA, just like sprayers! This added control allows the customer complete power to make more informed decisions in their fields.

Fix issue with monitoring width input in the tablet

In previous versions of Augmenta’s app the user would have to press the blue checkmark when entering the working width during a monitoring session for that option to be saved with this new update, that is no longer the case. The user can now enter in the working width and simply press the green checkmark to start an operation.  

Field of view optimization 

Augmenta’s region of interest, the area analyzed by the field analyzer, can now be adjusted higher in the field of view, and match wider implement widths. For example 36m for over 3m of mounting height

General updates

Performance improvements in the Augmenta Portal

Increased speed of loading fields on the Field Management tab by more than 50%, making it fast and resulting in minimal waiting time.

Support multi-polygon fields

Augmenta’s portal now supports importing multi-polygon fields when importing shape files. This allows our users to import segmented fields as one field, making data/field management even easier.

Support multiple fields with the same name

Until previously all fields had to have a different name under one user, repeat names were not supported. While not a major issue for individual farmers, this was a pain point for custom applicators that might have 10+ fields all with the same name under different locations. With this update any portal user can now have multiple fields all named the same as long as the locations are different, once again making data management more seamless.  

Fix error appearing: "Insufficient disk space" 

The startup error that blocked the user from starting a new operation, when the HD was full has been eliminated. Improved disk management helps in always having available free space for operations!

Fix errors in sessions on portal

Multiple fixes related to errors, recognizing fields, importing, etc. Hassle-free portal experience is here! 

Fix negative savings on application maps and on portal reports

Augmenta receives its application feedback live during the operation. As a result, negative savings might occur sometimes, due to millisecond rate spikes in the implement application feedback. With this update, the application data is now cleaned and these spikes are removed resulting in more accurate feedback! 

As stated above we are very excited to release these improvements and updates and we hope you are too! If you have any questions - or feedback – don’t hesitate to contact us!

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