September 30, 2020

Our Sales Network Grows!

New sales team members on board

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Our Sales Network Grows!

Augmenta is excited to announce the appointment of nine new sales representatives as part of our global sales network expansion.

These key personnel form the backbone of our ever-growing global sales network. Each is well-respected, highly experienced, and well trained in their respective markets.

We offer a warm welcome to the Augmenta family to:

  • Gianantonio Berton
  • Fabrizio Fancelli
  • István Balás
  • Matteo Vanzetto
  • Alexander Ponomarenko
  • Olga Ashikhmina
  • Oleksii Antonov
  • Artem Yashchenko
  • Marco Zanotto

Not only is this initiative expected to bolster Augmenta's reach, but it will also help compensate for the current restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The aim is to ensure that our clients can continue to enjoy the highly personalized service and support we are already renowned for.

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