October 25, 2022

Search, sort and review in a few clicks!

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Search, sort and review in a few clicks!

We’ve added some new cool features and made improvements for our Portal users, so as to better experience Augmenta's solution. Especially our dealers and Co-ops customers can now generate and review easier and quicker reports of their fields.

Search analyzers by serial number in the Management tab

In the Management tab users can now search each analyzer by its serial number. This will help our dealers to easily track down their analyzers and review all the reports of every session.

Filter location and field in the Field Analysis tab

In the Field Analysis tab, in Location and Field names filters, users can now filter their results providing a wildcard, such as the field name or the location name. This means that no matter how many analyzers or locations you have registered in the portal, now you can easily search, sort and review them as shown in the following video.

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