January 19, 2023

Smartfield brings Augmenta field analyzer to Latvian farmers

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Smartfield brings Augmenta field analyzer to Latvian farmers

Farmers in Latvia can now benefit from Augmenta’s technology through its trusted partner, Smartfield, and optimize their applications using Augmenta field analyzer for multiple applications in various crops, such as wheat, oats, and barley.

As a trusted partner of Augmenta, Smartfield has committed to offering farmers Augmenta field analyzer, a sustainable and affordable way to control their input applications and secure or even increase their yield. After its successful distribution in Estonia, Smartfield now expands its operations in Latvia, and provides farmers in the country a new and rewarding path towards crop protection and inputs savings.

Why should farmers adopt Augmenta field analyzer?

Managing input costs is currently one of the biggest sources of uncertainty. Augmenta field analyzer is an excellent precision tool to reduce variability and boost yield potential. Augmenta’s revolutionary technology is a one-stop shop, with accessible costs, HD precision, and versatility. Farmers in Europe who have been using Augmenta field analyzer, have seen their Nitrogen input costs being reduced by up to 8%, and their yields being secured or increased by up to 2%.

The revolutionary VRA control device is compatible with the most common equipment. It mounts on top of the roof and enables farmers to smart apply in real-time as they go a range of in-season inputs, such as Live VRA for Nitrogen, Fungicides, Harvest Aids (Desiccants and Defoliants), and Plant Growth Regulators or fertilizer applications in different zones (Multizone) for various crops.

Augmenta field analyzer is an affordable and all-in-one tool that seamlessly integrates into farming operations. It is a plug-and-play tool with a friendly interface that does not require any operational overhead and offers farmers an easy and valuable way towards sustainable and rewarding farming.

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