August 9, 2019

Web Platform Updates: August 9, 2019

Improvement! Everyone loves it!

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Web Platform Updates: August 9, 2019

Hello Augmenta Partners!

August is not only a month of rich agricultural bounty, but also in ground-breaking news and major tech updates. Updates that aim to redefine agriculture as it is perceived today.  From now on, you'll see some small aesthetic changes to our platform but most importantly you will notice many more functionality improvements. Improvement! Everyone loves it!

How to Access: To begin with, our new platform can be accessed by using the new permanent link:

Augmenta Index:

Until now, we were using the NDVI index in order to evaluate crop stress and nitrogen deficiencies. Even though NDVI is one of the most common and widely used indices globally, it shows some significant problems in certain cases. Examples include:

  • Saturation in later crop stages
  • Soil Reflectance noise

In order to overcome these limitations, our agronomy, data and engineering team worked tirelessly to develop a new index that will take into account both the problems shown in most indices and, of course, Augmenta's Field Analyzer unique dataset.

Our new Index has shown amazing results so far. As for the main platform, let me walk you through the new process Step by Step.

1. After you log in, a warning pop up will appear in case you have new sessions which are not categorized

2. By clicking edit, you can assign each session to an existing field, or create a new field in the database. You can assign a new name to it and edit borders or split borders into multiple field parcels.

3. Field Analysis:Now It's easier than ever to analyze a field.

4. Report Generation & Download

5. Virtual Fertilization Map Generation

There are more features offered such as shapefile generation & download and of course, unit customization. The user is now able to choose between miles/kilometers. lbs and kg, acres and hectares and so on.

Note for all partners. In order to enjoy all these new cool features, you will need to notify and schedule a remote software update in your devices. Just power up the devices and give us a call or drop an email and our engineering team will do the magic!

Feel free to get back to us to make this service as tailor-made as it can possibly be.

Always at your service,The Augmenta

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