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What is Augmenta?

We are an Ag-tech company dedicated to developing technologies to make agriculture both more sustainable and profitable. Our people come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad mix of skill sets. We respect and encourage professional and personal development.

Our Vision

A world where farming is efficient, sustainable and rewarding.

Our Approach

We view the world from a farmer's perspective so as to truly understand their concerns and offer innovative tech solutions to resolve problems and make farming operations easier.

Our Values

No fine print

We talk the talk and walk the walk; we deliver everything we promise with no fine print. We mean business and have no time for nonsense. We focus on what is essential and we trust and support each other with no prerequisites; we can count on any team member for help as they can count on us to deliver solutions. We are honest, accept no excuses and avoid the blame games.

Farmer First

We know, we care, and we help our end-customer: the farmer. We make sure we understand their work, their challenges, their needs, and their wishes. We focus on the bottom line and every small detail counts! Farmers are not in it just for the money and like them, Augmenta has a higher purpose, to help feed a growing world.

Open and courageous communication

We strive for continuous improvement on a team and on a personal level; this cannot happen without being open, courageous, and honest with the way we take and provide feedback. We voice our genuine ideas, concerns, and problems in advance and openly with our team so we can help it. We make sure we drive the team forward through radical, kind and courageous communication.

Servant Leadership

There are no bad teams; only bad leaders. Leadership is the cornerstone of who we are and what we strive to become, and this is why we need everyone in Augmenta to be a leader. Our leaders inspire and serve their teams, owning failures and giving credit. They are just, get their hands dirty and lead by example. Servant Leadership is the only kind of leadership we accept having in Augmenta.


The number one trait of an effective leader in Augmenta is Ownership. We own everything within and without our scope, being decisive, delivering solutions and always avoiding the blame game. We see the big picture, challenge it, take risks, self-reflect often, and ask for feedback with no fine print. We fail fast and learn even faster.

Think Big

We always ask for and see the big picture. We make sure we understand the strategic priorities so we can serve them from our position and scope. We understand and clarify to our teams how their work contributes to Augmenta’s vision to change the world. We promote sustainability, strive for scalability, and accept no limits or excuses.

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