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Augmenta Case Study in Australia

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Christina Vogiatzi
Head of Agronomy

Augmenta field analyzer is designed to optimize inputs and reduce waste, thereby promoting sustainability. It is also capable of increasing uniformity, especially when field and crop conditions vary greatly. Because of its ability to both reduce input costs and improve total harvest sales, it allows farmers to enjoy significantly better financial returns.

As part of an evaluation process to determine just how effective Augmenta field analyzer could be under Australian conditions, a comparison between Augmenta N-VRA and Fixed Rate operations on canola fields and winter wheat was undertaken during the 2020/21 growing season.

Summary of Results

  • Average fertilizer savings of 6.2% for canola and 7.8% for winter wheat were achieved.
  • Average yield increase for both crops was significant at 11.2%.
  • Performance was proven, with AUG-Index values generated by Augmenta field analyzer offering accurate field readings in comparison to satellite imagery.
  • As part of a continuous process, the data collected during the study was later used in a major N-VRA Augmenta field analyzer software update (Jan. 2021).

Key takeaways

The study set out to demonstrate that Augmenta field analyzer can work equally well under Australian conditions as it does in the 16 countries around the world where it is already in operation. Given its robustness, the expectation was that the Augmenta System would be able to prove itself worthy to Australian farmers. The results obtained show that it does.

Underpinning our efforts is the fact that input optimization and waste reduction promotes sustainability. We wanted to prove that environmentally friendly farming practices do not have to be financially detrimental to the farmer. On the contrary, they can be substantially beneficial.

Again, the results are definitive in showing that Augmenta field analyzer can improve sustainability while achieving significantly better financial returns.


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Area Fertilized (ha)


Savings (kg)


Savings (%)


Virtual Savings (kg)

Key Stats

Augmenta N-VRA was undertaken on a total acreage of 338.2 ha. In comparison with Fixed Rate applications, Augmenta field analyzer was able to achieve average fertilizer savings of 6.2% for canola and 7.8% for winter wheat (i.e. a combined total of 3.6 tonnes). With the average price of Urea at $386 USD per ton in 2021, that comes to a $900 USD saving.

Augmenta field analyzer also achieved an average yield increase of 11.2% for both crops. Based on calculated averages, this implies an extra 61.5 tonnes of canola and 147.6 tonnes of wheat. With canola sold at $448 USD/ton and wheat at $201 USD/ton in 2021, and with the fertilizer savings factored in, this amounts to $58,000 USD (i.e. $65,000 AUD) of additional income for the farmer.

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