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Augmenta Case Study in Central Europe

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Christina Vogiatzi
Head of Agronomy

Augmenta field analyzer promotes sustainability as it has been designed to optimize inputs and reduce waste. It is also able to increase yield. Importantly, the combination of reduced input costs and increased harvest sales can offer the farmer significantly better financial returns.

A comparison between Augmenta N-VRA and Fixed Rate operations on rapeseed fields and winter wheat in Central Europe was undertaken in February 2020. Only a single Augmenta N-VRA operation per field was undertaken to fertilize rapeseed during the early stages of development when there was high crop variability.

Summary of Results

  • Average fertilizer savings of 7.5% were achieved for rapeseed. 
  • Average fertilizer savings of 3.5% were achieved on winter wheat, with more uniform growth rates accounting for the lower savings. 
  • Average yield increases were 1.2% for rapeseed, and 10.6 % for winter wheat.
  • The AUG-Index had no limitations in determining even small variation in plant condition, irrespective of when it was used during the growing season.
  • Data collected during the growing season was used to hone performance via the release of two in-season software update tweaks. It was also used in a major software update relating to the early stages of an additional crop (maize), along with the on-going development of a new N-VRA version intended for release next season.
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Key takeaways

The aim of the study was to evaluate Augmenta field analyzer performance and its effect on plant growth, development and yielding in Central Europe.

Many farmers find the notion of using less input to create more crop counterintuitive. To alleviate any doubt, we set out to prove that by optimizing inputs, Augmenta field analyzer can reduce input amounts (and input costs) so as to promote sustainability, while also increasing yield. Both result in higher financial returns.

Aside from improved sustainability, our findings demonstrate this financial benefit – less input costs and more grain sales amount to greater net income for the farmer. 

Key figures and stats 

Augmenta N-VRA was undertaken on a total acreage of 1,204 ha. In comparison with Fixed Rate applications, Augmenta field analyzer was able to achieve fertilizer savings of 7.5% for rapeseed and a yield increase of 1.2%. It also managed to achieve fertiliser savings of 3.1% for winter wheat and increase yield by 10.6%.


rapeseed            7.5                                          11523                                36                         623.9

wheat                 3.1                                           3756                                 41                         579.7

Specifically, the study found that Augmenta field analyzer was able to:

  • Save a total of 7254.3 kg of urea, thereby reducing input costs and promoting sustainability. 
  • Produce 13.5 tonnes of extra rapeseed, thereby increasing harvest income.
  • Produce 155.5 tonnes of extra winter wheat, thereby increasing harvest income.

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