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The creation of the Augmenta System is the manifestation of years of hard work, exhaustive testing and sustained effort undertaken so as to make that aspiration a reality. It has been awarded EIMA's First Prize for 'Technological Innovation' and the 'Outstanding Agricultural Aspects Blue Award' for 2020/21.

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Augmenta Collective

Founded by young farmers

The core of the Augmenta Team currently comprises +40 members, all with high-level academic backgrounds and specializations (M.Sc or PhD in Engineering, Robotics, Agriculture, Maths and Business).

We are software and hardware engineers, agronomists, manufacturing specialists, operation and communication experts with the commercial and technical know-how to make innovative agricultural ideas a reality.

How it all started

Frustrated by the inefficiencies of traditional farming methods and the impracticalities of precision tools, Co-founders Dimitri (Jim) Evangelopoulos and George Varvarelis used their academic training in electronics and farming backgrounds to find a better way. They came up the Augmenta System - the world's first real-time, camera and AI based VRA hardware platform. Retrofitted to pre-owned farming equipment and fully supported by full range of operational analytics, reports, fleet management tools etc. via the Augmenta Web Portal, it offers farmers unparalleled efficiency and ease-of-use.

The Co-founders set up Augmenta Technologies in 2016 and set out to prove to the world that through optimization, not only is better sustainability possible, but farmers, irrespective of the size of their operations, can reap substantial financial rewards while achieving it.

How it’s going

So far, Augmenta has raised more than $11m in venture capital funding (including from big players like CNHi) to bring sustainable precision automation to farmers. The Augmenta System has made important inroads into making farmers aware that there is a better way. Now commercially available in a multitude of countries in Europe, CIS, North and South America, and Australia, it is set to take the agricultural world by storm.

Where we're headed

Our mission is to 'augment' the capacity of arable land so as to help feed a growing world sustainably. Through the optimization of inputs made possible by our exclusive technology, we can reduce both the chemical load in soils and input costs, while improving the quality of produce and profitability.

The Augmenta System can be used on all the major crop types, and more will be added to its repertoire in the future. It is also a multi-functional device capable of many different spreader/sprayer VRA services such as N-VRA, Multi N-VRA, Harvest Aid/Defoliant, and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR). The future will see more added, with Green on Brown (GoB) selective pesticide spraying next to roll out of the R&D pipeline.

The phenomenal growth of Augmenta's global network of Dealers is set to continue. We are actively expanding into new geographies and markets and expect rapid adoption by farmers around the world as they come to realize the intrinsic value of Augmented Farming.

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