2022 Augmenta Innovator Field Day

2022 Augmenta Innovator Field Day
2022 Augmenta Innovator Field Day

Augmenta is excited to announce our 2022 Augmenta Innovator Field Day hosted by our strategic Partner ARVA Intelligence in Stuttgart, AR.

During the two-day initiation and training program you will learn hands-on how easy it is to install and operate Augmenta system through a field demonstration. Additionally, how our award-winning solution magnifies and integrates to your Precision Ag offering.

Moreover, we will unveil upcoming features and services and our host, ARVA Intelligence will share how to conveniently access carbon market opportunities by leveraging our joined ecosystem.

One additional day is available to have the chance to schedule 1-1 meetings with Augmenta founders, Sales, and Marketing team.

The event will be held at 10 State Hwy 152 Humphrey, AR 72073 in the rural heartland of Arkansas. [Exact Location: LINK] The event will take place between the 25th and 27th January 2021 and is open to selected current and potential strategic Augmenta partners.

Your participation is secured once you fill your participation form. While bringing additional team members is possible, we will confirm additional attendees after we collect all submissions. FILL THE PARTICIPATION FORM

For additional information, you can simply ask your local sales representative.
Preston Tolstad: 701 509 3724
Andrew Newsum 620 960 3272

Event's agenda

Tuesday 25th Day # 1

Learn how to access simple, precise and affordable precision agriculture capabilities through Augmenta’s automated farming solutions for precision ag.

Maximize the benefits of automation and simplicity by “augmenta”ing critical input and faster paybacks over Augmenta’s already lean solution.

Access ARVA/Augmenta convenient partnership to make the carbon market accessible and easy for you : ARVA and Augmenta.

Learn how easy and precise are Augmenta services through an In Field Demonstration for: ◉Live-nVRA (Nitrogen) /◉Live-haVRA (Harvest Aid)/ ◉Live-pgrVRA (Plant Growth Regulator).

Wednesday 26th Day # 2

Learn how our solution integrates to a broad range of equipment: from old flat rate equipment to VRA enabled Isobus compatible systems.

Learn how our solution integrates to farm management software solutions to integrate our benefits to your current managing tool.

Learn how our solution integrates to your current precision agricultural practices to optimize in real time and for each plant health at the moment of application.

In Field Demonstration of currently commercial Services: ◉Live-fVRA (fungicide) /◉Live-hVRA (GoB)

In Field Demonstration of currently commercial Services: ◉Live-fVRA (fungicide) /◉Live-hVRA (GoB)
Thursday 27th Day # 3

Parallel working sessions by appointment with Product, Commercial, Agronomy and Marketing.

To secure your place or simply ask for further details, please contact us here.

Hope to see you on January 25th!

* Agenda is subject to change. Confirmed participants will receive the final agenda ahead of the event.

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