Augmenta wins at Bayer Crop Science’s Innovation Call

December 21, 2022

December 21th, 2022, Athens, Greece - Augmenta was distinguished as a grand winner at Bayer Crop Science’s Innovation Call "Leveraging the power of Digital Farming".

During the final event, held on Monday,December 12th 2022, and organized by Bayer Crop Science and Hello Tomorrow,Guillermo Hermida, the Head of Marketing at Augmenta, shared Augmenta’s uniqueall-in-one solution. A solution that enables farmers to farm in real-time andwith true precision, across multiple operations and crops and based on multipletypes of equipment. Augmenta was awarded as a grand winner of the respectiveevent, along with its co-winner,

The next step of this distinction for Augmentawill be to work closely with Bayer Crop Science to integrate their InnovationEcosystem and co-develop solutions that offer sustainable and rewarding digitalfarming.

“This event was a great opportunity to sharehow Augmenta offers immediate value for the farmer, by providingstate-of-the-art perception and also not disrupting our customers’ farmingpractices or budgets”, said Guillermo Hermida, Head of Marketing at Augmenta.

“Our mission is to promote augmentedagriculture and sustainable farming, in a way that is beneficial both for thefarmers and the environment. We are thrilled with this distinction and lookforward to working together with Bayer Crop Science”, said George Varvarelis,co-founder and CEO of Augmenta.

About Augmenta

Frustrated by the inefficiencies of traditional farming methods and the impracticalities of precision tools, Co-founders Dimitris Evangelopoulos and George Varvarelis combined their academic training in electronics with farming backgrounds, came up with a solution and set up Augmenta in 2016.

Augmenta's System is the world's first real-time, camera, and AI-based VRA hardware platform which supports a full range of operational analytics, reports, and fleet management tools through the Augmenta Web Portal. Augmenta's system has been awarded EIMA's First Prize for 'Technological Innovation' and the 'Outstanding Agricultural Aspects Blue Award' for 2020/21.

So far, Augmenta has raised more than $11m in venture capital funding to bring sustainable precision automation to farmers (including from big players like CNHi). Commercially available in Europe, CIS, North and South America, and Australia.