Harvest Aid (e.g. desiccants) Real-Time VRA

Be it via modifying plant hormonal activity or direct injury to leaves, Harvest Aid (HA) induces advanced senescence, which results in boll opening to allow timely and efficient harvesting of cotton crops, thereby maximizing yield and financial returns.

Harvest Aid (e.g. desiccants) Real-Time VRA
Harvest Aid (e.g. desiccants) Real-Time VRA

This is particularly important as cotton is vulnerable to climatic conditions, which creates a narrow harvest window.

HAs are typically prescribed when a high percentage count of Open Bolls indicates that the crop is close to harvest. However, as OBPC increases, there is also a corresponding drop in NDVI values due to plant aging. 

Using its own vegetation index, Augmenta field analyzer exploits this correlation in order to carry out Augmenta HA VRA operations. Uniquely camera-based, Augmenta field analyzer uses computer vision techniques and dynamic algorithms to generate the AUG-Index which detects plant senescence and the need for HA. An on-the-fly prescription map is created which controls an actuated sprayer and automatically applies appropriate amounts of HA Defoliant in real time and in a single pass. 

By intelligently applying a recommended dose of HA, waste and input cost reductions are possible. At the same time, greater yield and higher economic returns can be realized. 

Augmenta field analyzer is an unobtrusive plug n’ play retrofit system that is mounted on the cabin roof of any ordinary tractor or self-propelled spreader or sprayer. It uses ISOBUS or other OEM specific protocols to control VRA machinery and utilizes a built-in GPS to determine. A 3G/4G cellular network connection allows cloud connectivity. The system also includes an integrated wireless Augmenta Tablet for in-cabin operator control and the Augmenta Web Portal for operational tracking and analytics, financial reports, record keeping etc. 

While in operation, Augmenta field analyzer is not only able to recognize the productivity potential of different field areas, but its cameras can also detect anomalies such as rocky or waterlogged regions. Unlike active sensors detecting chlorophyll reflectance which would wastefully apply more fertilizer in such areas, Augmenta field analyzer reduces the amount accordingly. Furthermore, it auto-calibrates to compensate for changing light conditions during the day.

Augmenta field analyzer can be used on all major crop types such as wheat, canola, and cotton. Moreover, it is multi-functional and future-proof using over-the-air software updates instead of hardware updates to unlock new features as they are developed. Aside from N-VRA, it currently offers Harvest Aid Defoliant and PGR-VRA operations. New services are constantly being developed, including Green on Brown selective spot spraying. 

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Augmenta case studies

Augmenta Case Study in Australia

The Augmenta System is designed to optimize inputs and reduce waste, thereby promoting sustainability. It is also capable of increasing uniformity, especially when field and crop conditions vary greatly. Because of its ability to both reduce input costs and improve total harvest sales, it allows farmers to enjoy significantly better financial returns.

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Augmenta Case Study in Central Europe

Augmenta field analyzer promotes sustainability as it has been designed to optimize inputs and reduce waste. It is also able to increase yield. Importantly, the combination of reduced input costs and increased harvest sales can offer the farmer significantly better financial returns.

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