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System updates

Why improve?

All changes are designed to make Augmenta operations even more effectual than they already are. They also add functionality to the Augmenta System, Tablet App and Web Portal, while enhancing ease of use.


When do these upgrades come into effect?

All changes are immediately available via a simple software update.


How do I get my upgrades?

An update prompt will automatically appear next time you log on to the Augmenta System and Mobile App. Simply tap or click 'Accept' to download, then start enjoying the benefits these changes offer.


Let us know what you think!

We are driven to improve and refine all aspects of the Augmenta Experience. These changes are in response to feedback from our customers. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, we would greatly appreciate your input.
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Version Tracking

  • System v2.14
  • Mobile application v2.4
  • Process Server v2.7
  • Web Application v3.6
  • Database Server v3.7
  • Configuration Tool v3.8

Key changes

  • New Multi-Zone N-VRA service
  • New Side-Dressing (Y-drops) service
  • New crop type: Spinach
  • 4K snapshots now with location ID and downloadable
  • Ability to select RS232 protocol for respective interfaces
  • New look for the Augmenta Web Portal
  • Added drawing tools for session/field limit processing on the Augmenta Web Portal
  • New Location Management screen on the Augmenta Web Portal

New Services

Two new service are now added to the Augmenta System's already extensive repertoire of (solid/liquid) N-fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, (systemic, contact, and agnostic) Harvest Aid defoliant, and PGR growth regulator VRA. Multi-Zone N-VRA means that different recommended doses can now be specified in different regions (as defined by Shapefiles uploaded to the Augmenta Web Portal) of the same field. This new feature allows the farmer to enhance fertilization accuracy even further. Side-Dressing (Y-drops) dispenses liquid fertilizers at the base of plants, thus allowing more efficient uptake and better yields.

More Crops

The Augmenta System can already deal with all major food crops (wheat, rice, corn etc.) and cash crops (sugarcane, cotton, oilseed, etc.). Now spinach crops are added to the ever-growing list.

Better Snapshots

When an anomaly is detected in the field, the Augmenta System automatically takes a hi-res snapshot (they can also be taken manually) and uploads it to the cloud. This is to allow for closer inspection by the farmer or agronomist, should it be required. Geographic information is now added to each snapshot, making it easier to locate the anomaly. Furthermore, snapshot images are now downloadable, so that they can be more easily shared.

More Connectivity

The RS232 protocol is a common international standard for connecting hardware. It has now been added as a configuration option so that the Augmenta System can interface with multiple serial protocols without the need for firmware updates.

Augmenta Web Portal Enhancements

The Augmenta Web Portal gets a brand-new look, making it even more intuitive to use. In addition to the wide range of operational and analytical features already offered, it now includes new drawing tools to better set session attributes and geometrical field limits. Moreover, a new Location Management screen has been added. All this makes it even easier to set the perimeters of your fields and keep track of your farming operations.

Other Fixes/Improvements

In addition to these key changes, other improvements have been made:

  • N-VRA algorithm enhancements for optimal performance and accuracy
  • Support for front mounted sprayers (negative offset)
  • Batch Shapefile processing on the Augmenta Web Portal
  • New Shapefile management window on the Augmenta Web Portal, downloads supported
  • New Augmenta Systems can now be registered easily via the Augmenta Web Portal
  • Enhanced security for the Augmenta Web Portal and Cloud API
  • Cloud API token generation from the Augmenta Web Portal
  • Significantly improved operational Augmenta Mobile App performance


Version Tracking

  • System v2.13
  • Mobile application v2.3
  • Raspberry v2.3
  • Process Server v2.6
  • Power Management 1.09
  • Web Application v3.5
  • Database Server v3.6
  • Configuration Tool v3.7

Key changes

  • New Harvest Aid operations: HA systemic, contact, and chemical agnostic
  • Support for complex or multi-rate ISOBUS setups
  • New Analytics page for operations on the Augmenta Web Portal
  • Localization support: Czech, Finnish, Greek, Lithuanian, Romanian
  • Uniformly sampled shapefiles available for monitoring and product application operations
  • Semi-automated IsoXML file retrieval

More harvest-aid functionality

The Augmenta System already boasts a range of services such in-season N-fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, Harvest Aid defoliant, and PGR growth regulator VRA (Variable Rate Application). Systemic, contact, and agnostic Harvest Aid functionality are now added to this impressive list. Once the spreader/sprayer is set up, all farmers have to do is select the appropriate Harvest Aid function on their in-cabin tablet and let Augmenta do the rest.

Extended ISOBUS compatibility

The Augmenta System can be retrofitted to any ordinary tractor, including those with ISOBUS interfaces. Complex or multi-rate ISOBUS systems are now included to ensure that the Augmenta System is Plug n' Play across the board.

Improved analytics

The Augmenta Web Portal now has a new Analytics page to improve operational efficiencies. Farmers and farm managers are now offered a host of analytical features ranging from VRA area coverage and job time records to input savings made per operation and crop type.

Additional languages

The Augmenta System is sold all around the world. To help farmer interaction, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Lithuanian and Romanian have been added to a growing list of languages available on both the System tablet interface and Web Portal.

Better shapefiles

Shapefiles are now sampled more uniformly to improve file quality. Geometrics and attributes can now be more easily read and acted upon.

Improved isoXML file retrieval

Now that the process has been semi-automated, it is much easier to access IsoXML files provided by the implement manufacturer and load the specifics of any given actuated spreader/sprayer into the Augmenta System. In turn, this makes the initial set-up procedure easier.

Other fixes/improvements

In addition to these key changes, other improvements have been made:

  • Improved Augmenta Tablet App in-operation performance and functionality during initial setup
  • Language selection option available on top bar of the Augmenta Web Portal
  • Greatly reduced report generation and search response times
  • Updated VRA algorithm library for improved performance
  • Improved power management functionality
  • Devices can now recover from errors in operation and alert the user, thereby greatly reducing potential software crashes

New features:

  • Field properties editing support (boundaries, name. etc..)
  • Support for NVRA, PGR, Harvest Aid virtual map generation and operations
  • Revert processed data back to Unrecognized when errors occur
  • French localization added
  • Machinery type support when displaying dosages (spreader/sprayer)
  • Heading visualization of snapshots


  • New attribute for Role definition: View All
  • New unit support: stremma, decare
  • All reports now include machinery type (spreader/sprayer)
  • Discrimination between area covered and area fertilized for monitoring and fertilization sessions
  • Delete multiple Unrecognized sessions